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By | August 29, 2021 – Automobile Shipping Quote Best. Car delivery services in Indonesia are increasingly mushrooming to this day. However, you need to consider several things before deciding to send the car out of town.

Because if you choose the wrong one, it is likely that something bad will happen. Make the car that is sent does not reach the destination. Not to mention, the risk of fraud now often occurs, be it from four-wheeled vehicle delivery services, drivers and others.

You should not be easily fooled by the low prices offered by car delivery services wherever you are. In many cases, the price for sending the car was very cheap, but after it was agreed that the car had not been delivered. For this reason, low prices are not a sure measure of security in the vehicle delivery process.

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Things to Pay Attention to Before Using a Car Delivery Service

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Indeed, errors in the process of sending a vehicle are not absolute because of the weak service of the service provider. There are also several factors that cause the car that was sent was not received in good condition as desired by the owner.

This is where it is important for you to know what to pay attention to before using a car delivery service out of town throughout Indonesia. This aims to prepare your car in the best possible condition so that there are no problems. Moreover, if you choose a car delivery service using a car towing.

Here are some important factors that must be considered before sending your car out of town using a car delivery service:

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1. Legality and insurance from shipping company

The most important thing is a matter of legality and a permit from the shipping company. Of course, you don’t want to lose your car or see a delivered car arrive in bad condition. Therefore, pay attention to whether the service provider company already has legality or not.

Sometimes there are several companies that already have a license or legality. It’s just that it hasn’t been active because the licensing time limit has expired. So that requires every customer to be even more careful in choosing a delivery service or expedition service.

Given so many expedition services in Indonesia today. Offers shipping in bulk such as cars, motorcycles and other heavy vehicles. However, the delivery of a car or type of vehicle is slightly different from the delivery of goods in general. Starting from the method of transportation and the price depending on the type of car and the location of the destination. In addition to licensing or legal issues, also consider whether the company provides car shipping insurance or not.

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2. Risk of shipping method

Finding an expedition or car delivery service is actually not difficult anymore. This is because more and more shipping companies are offering these services. Coupled with the development of existing technology, just using a smartphone, place an order and the expedition team will immediately process the delivery of your vehicle from the origin to the destination city.

However, in today’s very sophisticated era, not a few are considered to have given up on experiencing substantial losses when using an expedition service or car delivery. Not to mention, with the rise of cases of fraud occurring when using a car delivery service. Understanding some important things before using a car delivery service is very important, even mandatory.

The second thing besides licensing to consider is the method of delivery, be it in an open or closed trailer. Both can be selected as needed. The difference is that the delivery of the car in an open trailer is only secured with chains.

Usually they are cheaper, but the car that is sent is prone to damage and is at risk of being lost. Meanwhile, delivery by closed trailer method is better because the car delivery method uses nylon rope or wheel nets so that the vehicle is not damaged to the location.

You need to be wary of companies that use chains over the axle of vehicles such as open trailer models. This puts more stress on the vehicle, especially if it is tied too tightly.

If the chain loosens, it will hit the car during the journey as it passes through potholes and sharp bumps. It is safer with an enclosed trailer as it has a lift gate for the car with low clearance and less chance of damage or theft.

In addition, as a service user, you have the right and authority to know the whereabouts of your vehicle. A reliable shipping company is one that has a tracking feature. By using the receipt number in this feature, you can find out the whereabouts of the car.

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3. Reviews from other customers

When you want to send a car out of town, it is very important that you know what type of truck can transport the vehicle safely. Imagine the price match with the type of vehicle to be sent. For those of you who want to send a car, make sure the truck has a roof to protect the vehicle from dust, rocks, and rain so that it is feasible to bring the vehicle. Don’t hesitate to ask relatives or closest people who know more about automotive or who have used car delivery services.

Besides, when you ship a car, you are definitely risking a lot of money. To minimize losses, you need to use a reliable transportation company. You should ask friends, family, and local dealers for recommendations for the best car delivery service with professional experience. You can also use car forums and review mussel websites to ensure that you choose the right vehicle transportation company that offers you quality service.

If the decision is still difficult to make, ask your friends who already have experience in the process of renting a car transport truck. Maybe they can give you a recommendation. After all, based on their real experience, you can choose the best.

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