Business Management Software 2021

Business Management Software 2021 – The world has evolved after the technological transformation and the arrival of the internet. Entrepreneurs have started following advanced practices to fulfill their commercial needs. Those using the latest channels are making rapid progress.

If you continue to follow the old practices, then you will not be able to beat your competitors. Using the right software is essential if you want to make a difference.

Good business software can do more than you expect. It can help you ensure the highest automation and management of your business. The world’s leading IT companies have provided us with more than a few productive software programs that we can use to run smooth operations, manage teams, track inventory and maximize our revenue.

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We’ve selected the top 3 software programs your business needs to run smoothly.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a complete business management software specially designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. It has more than 35 free tools that you can use to run your business activities effectively.

Standout features include management, collaboration, customer management, invoicing, shared calendar, email marketing, time management, process automation, virtual PBX, company directory, timesheet management, task management, documentation, and HRMS.

It comes with easy installation and supports your team to collaborate like never before. Your team won’t have to waste time looking elsewhere for tools and resources. Every feature is accessible from a single platform.

You’ll keep track of what’s pending, in progress, and completed. Your business will be in a position to form strong relationships with clients. The basic version is free to use, however, you may need a paid annual plan based on the number of users.


  • Instant messaging to communicate in real-time
  • CRM to build good relationships with customers
  • Project management with checklists, tasks, reports, Gantt charts and to-do lists
  • Staff management with shared calendar, clock in/hours out, work reports, HRM and leave requests
  • Document management with offline multi-user editing, multi-device access, and file synchronization
  • Activity flow to get the latest team updates

There are many other important features such as simple access assignment, bulk email, file sharing, workflow management, and task reporting. You can use Bitrix24 to enable your business to run efficiently and save time and resources.

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2. Accountant

Accountri is a kind of inclusive business management software that you may not have used before. It is a SaaS based program designed to ensure efficient collaboration between project management, human resource management, sales, and operations management departments.

This helps smooth the flow of the organization and makes teamwork very easy. If you want a software solution to simplify difficult tasks and increase overall productivity, then Accountri is a good choice to choose from.

Being an extensive business management software, it helps you manage the entire workflow easily. Apart from teamwork, Accountri also assists in strengthening relationships with vendors and clients. Complex tasks like invoicing, payroll, and payments are made easy with this specialized software.

The software comes under three plans including Free Forever, Meet and Startup, and Enterprise. The first two plans are free to use while the third costs $4.09 after a 30-day free trial.

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  • Instant chat and video meeting
  • CRM to run and manage sales procedures
  • Complete payment tracking
  • HRM tools to manage all resources efficiently
  • Payrolls and timesheets to calculate hours worked and remuneration correctly
  • Special system for generating invoices
  • Workbook, PDF, Word and Excel support
  • Set a ticket and settle it through the dedicated service desk

All features are designed to make business run smoothly. You can choose Accountri if it best suits your organization’s needs.

3. Odoo

If you are fed up with painful integrations, then Odoo is the right software you need. It includes almost all the essential applications your business needs to expand its exposure. Entrepreneurs who find it difficult to use too many apps for different purposes can rely on Odoo to simplify their operations and enjoy increased revenue.

This software not only offers a seamless application solution but also provides the best value you can imagine. You can easily automate operations and track everything that happens in the business circle.

With over five million users, Odoo has every app to solve your problems. Switching between apps to do different activities takes up a lot of time. You should not waste time especially when it comes to increasing overall productivity.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of business automation to update different processes. In addition to saving time and effort, Odoo helps you reduce business costs by reducing the amount of software you use. Easy accessibility lets you check and track activity without any problems.

The free version comes with a 15 day trial. You can give it a try and a paid subscription if you think it’s worth buying to make your business more productive.

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  • Seamless integration with various apps
  • Instant access via your mobile device
  • Accounting, inventory, HRM, manufacturing and project tools to manage operations
  • Communication, documentation, timesheets, marketing, appointments, surveys, and other productivity tools
  • Blog, Web development, eCommerce, eLearning and other web applications

In short, Odoo has solutions for all business processes including manufacturing, sales, projects, purchasing, events, human resources, finance, invoicing, inventory, customer relationship management and E-commerce.

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