Read The Baby Isn’T Yours Novel

Read The Baby Isn'T Yours Novel

Redaksinet.comThe Baby isn’t Yours is a novel that is currently loved and sought after by novel lovers on the internet.

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Read The Baby Isn’t Yours Novel

Simon’s eyes glistened coldly at my words. Apparently he’s smiling, but in a strange and spine-chilling tone, Simon asked me.

“…Oh, really?”

That low, shady voice, pretending to be gentle. The anger in his voice was cold and cruel enough to freeze his surroundings.

“Then, which bastard does that child belongs to?”

He’s angry. I’ve known him for a long time that’s why I could tell. That’s the voice that comes out when he can no longer hold back his anger. But then… why the hell is he so upset?

“If you’ll know, what are you going to do?”

“That jerk can’t even be a good father so…”

“…… so what?”

“I can’t let him live.”

Oh no. I’m in trouble. After seeing his blue eyes lit with fire, there’s no way I could tell him now that it’s his child.

Kalia, the great war hero who ended the war. One day finds out that she’s… pregnant?! Of all people, the father of her baby, the one she spent the passionate night with, is Simon Terroan, an imperial sorcerer and her best friend. Kaila believes that Simon doesn’t want a baby, so while Simon is away, she declares her retirement and vanishes to hide the truth about her pregnancy and to safely give birth to her baby.

But the truth is, Simon loved Kalia more than anyone else.

And so, the frantic search for her begins.

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