Situs Jual Beli Mobil Yang Aman Dan Terpercaya

By | August 27, 2021 – In the past, there were three conventional ways to find a used car. First, by walking through dealer after dealer. Second, by looking at the classifieds column in the print media.

In the newspaper advertisements, used cars or mobkas are detailed in columns according to the existing brand. Such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, and so on.

The third way, is by visiting the used car buying and selling market which is usually held every Sunday in big cities. In Yogyakarta, for example, buying and selling used cars is at Otobursa TVRI, Jalan Magelang KM 4.5.

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Easier with One Click

After the digital world is more advanced and the marketplace is thriving, buying and selling used cars is now easier and more practical. With just one click on your device or on your computer, you can directly connect to a used car buying and selling site.

On this site, you can not only hunt for the car you want. You can also sell old cars quickly and easily. The trick, of course, is to place an ad, upload photos and specifications of the car and the selling price you want.

As an end-customer who is planning to buy a car, you can surf from one page to another to compare specifications and price by price. This method is certainly more efficient, saves time and energy.

Imagine using the conventional method, where you have to come to the dealer or individual car seller yourself to see the specifications and prices offered.

How to Buy and Sell in the Online Market

Various car buying and selling sites anticipate fraud and losses of various parties with certain methods. Usually, the vehicle to be sold will be inspected first by an expert technician or mechanic.

After the results of the inspection are out, the selling price of the vehicle in question will be determined. This price, of course, is in accordance with the agreement with the car owner.

Well, for those of you who want to transact, all you have to do is create an account on the site you have chosen. Then fill in your personal data and specifications of the car you want to sell. Later, the marketplace will contact you to determine when to make a car inspection visit.

10 Trusted Sites

Here is a site for buying and selling used cars that you can choose from.

  1. Mobil88

Many interesting features ensure the safety of used car sellers and buyers on the website. For example the 360 ​​view feature. In this feature, buyers can take advantage of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, to check the condition of the interior of the car to be purchased. The VR effect makes buyers feel as if they are directly in the car cabin.


Starting from a website, now has developed into an application available on the Playstore. Here, there are about 200 thousand vehicle fish that are showing. This site displays a complete list of prices, year of car, seller’s location, vehicle mileage, and others.


In addition to choosing a car according to the brand, you can also choose based on dealers in all cities in Indonesia. Even Oto also partners with dealers abroad. There are 1000 authorized dealers registered as Oto clients.

  1. OLX

Those who are used to shopping digitally must be familiar with OLX. Yes, here you can also hunt for used cars. OLX is now more practical because it is in the form of an application.

  1. Bukalapak

Not wanting to be left behind with OLX, now Bukalapak also has a car buying and selling feature. The trick is to download Bukalapak and enter the BukaMobil feature. Here you can get discounts and even buy items in installments.


This website is easy to access and easy to understand. All the cars offered are clearly displayed with the right information. If you want to sell your car here, all you have to do is create a new account free of charge.

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